Thursday, February 2, 2012

To a schedule we go!

Last night was the first night of an attempted schedule. I read my book of choice The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman. I like that she lists different options for putting your child to bed, knowing that leaving the room and letting them cry it out just isn't an option for some (me, I meant me). I also like the sample schedules because I am an A type personality who needs lists and labels and follows recipes and reads instructions. I have trouble solely trusting my gut and would prefer to at least have a guideline to work with.

The night started loud, with a crying jag and tossing/turning that lasted for the longest 30 minutes of our lives. My poor husband attempted to stay in the room, but when the screaming began to rival a coyote's howls, he bid his retreat to the guest room with my blessing. The night got better, quieter and progressed into a good day.

I chose to stay home and skip my fitness class to try to get a handle on naps. The babe has issues with her bassinet - who doesn't have issues with their bassinet - and today's goal was simply for her to fall asleep in the bassinet as opposed to her carseat, my arms, her swing, her rocker, you get the point. Well, 4 naps were had, all in the bassinet and one was over an hour! Sweet relief.

Bedtime was the same routine as last night, and man, that kid catches on quick! Before I could zip up her sleep sack she was crying because she knew what was coming. I could not believe it. But it was less painful tonight, for the both of us I think.

I'm beginning to realize that while I thought it was great how much I was getting out of the house before, I think it best to spend a little more time at home working on the basics. Yes, my independence is important to me, but not as important as sleep, both for me and her.

We're about to hit the 3 hour mark since I last put her down. Fingers crossed for a good night...

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