Thursday, February 9, 2012

Change room hell

Today I took a break from mommy life and drove across the line with the intent of lunch with a friend and low low prices at Bellis Fair Mall. You see, I have Nexus so the idea of crossing the border is not as daunting for me as it can be for some.

While shopping at Bellis Fair, I remembered that I need a new bathing suit, as we have just booked our first with-baby vacation and all of my suits no longer fit the tatas that come with breast feeding. They also show far too much of my baby belly, which is not a foreign concept to me because my stomach is my trouble zone.

Fast forward to the Target change room and several separates later, and I have now decided that I may swim in a cover up because there is no way in hell I am sitting poolside in a bathing suit. Did I mention we're going away with a group? A group that includes some extremely fit people?

I understand, I've just had a baby 2.5 months ago. But as I pointed out before, this is not a new issue. I have issues when it comes to my tummy and they have only been compounded since having the babe.

One of my favourite parts of being pregnant was not caring about my midsection. I could wear tight shirts and be proud of my belly because there was a baby in there! Now I feel like I'm back at square one - actually behind square one because I have a jelly belly again but no core strength and a bruised tailbone. And I'm sure the newfound convenience of drive-thru when out with the babe and sudden fits of famishing hunger causing me to eat everything in sight do not help the situation.

I'll keep posting on my belly work and self-acceptance progress.

~ H

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