Saturday, March 31, 2012

Switching to cloth

Are we nuts? We have gone this long using disposables and NOW we choose to go to cloth? The reason is because we had always wanted to use cloth, but thought we would wait until the Babe was making a significantly less amount of number 2's. Then we realized, she may not do that for awhile and we decided to wait until she was sleeping through the night. But she's still not doing that either. So we ordered the disposable liners and at 2pm today there was liftoff! So long land-filling disposable diapers! Except for at nighttime and when we're going out, because realistically, me remembering a wet bag of diapers in my diaper bag is not going to happen and will result in too many cloth diapers headed for the trash. I'm eco-friendly, but I'm also forgetful.

I'm not so high and mighty to say that this is the end all, be all for us. I know there is a chance we may throw in the towel and say it's not for us. But I want to try, to at least give it a chance, because I do value the planet and my impact on it.

So we've done the research and chosen to go the wet diaper pail route. It seems kind of gross, having all that standing water full of poopy diapers, but it also seems like the best way to avoid stains. A friend bought us special soap for washing the diapers and I've chosen to put them in the dryer, because again, I'm realistic about the space I have to hang-dry diapers.

I will keep you posted on our successes, challenges and impressions along the way.

~ H

Monday, March 26, 2012

Made in the USA

Today a friend and I made the trek down south the Bellis Fair for a little Target and Costco madness with our babies. While both babies had meltdowns during the 30-minute wait at the crossing heading down there, Her 2-month-old slept the majority of the rest of the time while the Babe, now 4 months, screamed bloody murder most of the time she was in her carseat. And she can scream. I enjoy a good States shopping trip as much as the next girl, but today's excursion showed me those trips may become fewer and far between the older the Babe gets.

She just gets bored, and I don't anticipate that lessening any time soon. Plus, to go with two babies and two moms means little to no room for groceries if we had brought both strollers. So since the Babe is enjoying her Ergo now, I opted to leave the stroller at home, which meant I was carrying the 15-pounder for quite some time. And I know she's only going to get bigger (read: heavier).

So I relished in the cheap dairy, bought two cases of my pop rather than one, and opted to take advantage of the Benefit Brow Bar at Macy's and let Sarah groom my bushy mom brows back into stylish arches (best $20 I spent today). I finished off the day with a gigantic Costco ice cream bar and treated my friend to one too. Those things are dangerous at $1.50 each! Because I don't know when I'll be back again.

~ H

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One mans trash

I can't recall who first introduced me to the Cloverdale Kids Swap Meet. But man, am I glad they did. The swap is this coming Saturday. This huge swap meet happens once a month and it's crazy! Crazy because of the deals I have gotten, $10 for 5 pairs of baby shoes, and crazy because the attendees are usually on a mission and you have to be able to hold your own in a crowd. Luckily, I have navigated the Chinese subway system at rush hour so I feel adept at handling these crowds.

There are two buildings filled with vendors, mostly selling used baby and kid clothes, toys, supplies and more, and there are also some tables of new items such as hair accessories, tutu ls, personalized books and other items. Bring small bills and lots of them. My first time I brought a singular $100 bill and ended up having to beg money off my sister because no one could give me change, not even the ladies at the front doors. They have an ATM but it is an independent one so it has higher than average service fees. Also, bring your own reusable bags as only some vendors provide bags and they aren't too sturdy.

Expect to pay $1-$4 per piece of clothing, but come ready to negotiate. Most vendors are local moms just looking to part with their stuff for a decent price. Of course, better deals can be had if you buy more items, and some vendors will let you leave big stuff you have purchased at their tables so you can keep shopping. But you can always leave and come back in at no charge for the day.

The swap opens at 9am but the seasoned shoppers get there around 8:30-8:45 to line up because the good and big stuff goes quick. I showed up to the January swap at 8:50 and as I got to the front of the line I saw a guy walking out with a gorgeous wooden rocking horse. It definitely pays to be early.

Admission is $5 and parking is free. The swap is held on the Cloverdale fairgrounds and there are signs as you get close. Maybe I'll see you there - I'll be the one with the blue Ergo elbowing other moms out of the way so I can pick up a change table pad and some sun hats for the babe.

~ H

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feeding when you have to

An ill-timed day has resulted in this post coming to you from the backseat of my car, parked in an semi-filled parking lot, while I breastfeed the babe. Our early morning wake-up resulted in an earlier nap, which lead to a longer playtime, which then lead to a 2-hour nap (hurray) which ended when we had to leave for the dentist. The appointment was so quick I thought we could make it home to feed, but 10 minutes into driving I knew I was kidding myself. And here we are. Strangely, I'm becoming more and more okay with this, as I realize it's just a part of having a baby.

Let's just hope I don't get a ticket for indecent exposure!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amber necklace vs. teething drops

This is my first interactive post where I'm looking for feedback. Ask your friends, your mom, your teacher, whoever, for suggestions on easing teething in little babies. And then tell me! The babe is in full teething mode and is having some serious mood swings and sleep issues, both of which I believe are tied to the teething.

Last night I fed her to the brim and between boobs I even added some infant Advil to ease the pain and hopefully carry her through the night. Did. Not. Work. We were up every two hours until 7:00 a.m. This cannot go on, for her sake and for the sake of my sanity and my marriage. So I am taking suggestions. Any suggestions. Even if they sound crazy, as long as they aren't harmful to the babe.

~ H

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shame, shame, double shame

Tonight I had a mini-breakdown (less than 10 minutes spent crying) about what I felt was a selfishness on my behalf. Prior to being a mom, I relished my alone time and often spent hours on the computer, or longer ago, time in front of my sewing machine working on a project. Now, it seems as though every time I have a spare alone minute and I just get settled in front of the computer, television, sewing machine, Kitchenaid mixer, etc. then bam! the baby monitor starts flashing the red lines and the babe's screams echo through the ducts to wherever I am. And for a moment, or a long while, I am mad at her. Insert shameface here.

I know I'm a good mom, and if ever I forget it my husband is quickly there to bolster my spirits and remind me. But I do feel ashamed that I so crave time to myself, frequently, and that the craving results in anger, however short lived, towards my daughter when it is interrupted. I love that little baby with all my heart and of course she is more important to me than updating my credit card information online or finishing the stitching on a table cover. My frustrations easily mount these days when I'm working on little sleep and a sore body and I often find myself lashing out at those closest to me (read: my husband and our fat beagle).

To remedy this I am attending an extra yoga class this week and allowing myself as many Walmart Skor cookies as I like (maximum 6, because there are 6 in the container). I am also trying to communicate better with my husband, not a strong suit of mine but I'm working on it.

~ H

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Mommy Hook bit me

It's been a rough week. The babe is exhibiting major signs of teething, but also some signs of possibly fighting a cold or other sickness. She went from one dirty diaper a day back to 5-6 and now screams bloody murder when placed on her change table after her bath, as though she knows bedtime is next and she's not having any of it.

I've also been anxious and stressed out more than usual, which I can attribute to the upcoming anniversary of my mom's passing (2001). But I've also been extra clumsy, unable to exercise as much as I like, and finally, to top it off, when taking my ultra compact and lightweight City Mini stroller (which I would highly recommend to shorter moms as I am 5'2") out of the cargo hold of my SUV the Mommy Hook attached to handle bar scratched me deep enough to draw blood.

Frustration nearly got the best of me and I almost tossed it clear across the parking lot, a common action of mine when frustrated. I have been known to break things, on purpose, when my stress level gets too high. It's usually a kitchen item that my husband and I disagree on anyways, but that doesn't make it healthy. This time I took a deep breath, placed the Mommy Hook below the stroller in the cargo basket and put a bandaid on my finger. Serenity now, zen mommy, serenity now.