Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

At 7pm I am looking back on the roller coaster that was 2014. There were some firsts, some lasts and some OMG moments. I'm sure your year was similar in that. From what my social media networks are telling me, 2014 wasn't the favourite year for most. Here's a round up of what I learned this year:

  • Negotiating with a toddler requires skill, patience, and fruit snacks often help seal the deal.
  • Your second pregnancy may be completely different from your first. Probably because you forgot everything from your first pregnancy, except how it happened ;)
  • Toddlers don't care if you are nauseous, they will still expect you to carry them up the stairs and play dress up.
  • The Babe is loud. Really loud.
  • Second babies get held more.
  • My husband tells really cheesy jokes. And I find them hilarious.
  • Coffee is good for two days in the pot, sometimes even three.
  • Some babies really don't poop for days at a time. That's a real thing, not made up!
  • Baby Macaroni is going to watch more TV in her first year than The Babe ever did. Most of that was Friday Night Lights.
  • I do not like being put in timeout by The Babe.
  • I love cooking shows but I only like cooking. I hope 2015 will change that.
  • The Babe and restaurants do not mix. They just don't, so I should stop trying.
  • I appreciate Baby Macaroni more at this age than I did The Babe, which I regret.
  • I have the most beautiful ensuite bathroom I could ever imagine thanks to my husband. Yesterday I took a 15 minute hot shower with both shower heads going. It. Was. Amazing.
  • And finally, though I am over 30 and a mom who drives an SUV, I will always like house music. Really loud, bumping house music.
Thanks for reading this year, and I hope everyone has a great or at least halfway decent night. Me, I ate some lobster, drank a glass of wine, and now I'm headed to bed to watch sports highlights or Shark Tank - it's his pick tonight :)

~ H