Monday, June 25, 2012


I tend to be pretty straightforward on this blog. I try to be as transparent as possible, because I believe that with honesty comes understanding. But sometimes that can come across as pessimistic. It is always easier to talk about the bad over the good. So today's post is about the good.

The Babe is clapping now. She can even do it on command, if she's not too overstimulated. She can make sounds like "bababa" and she's turning her rolling into her mode of transportation by incorporating a tummy swivel to face the direction she wants to get to. I look at her doing all these things and my heart swells with love. I am proud of her because she is working so hard.

I try to shower the Babe with love. Everyday I tell her I love her and I give her lots of kisses. Sometimes she turns her head at the last minute and they become slobbery ones from her end, which makes me laugh. We start each day with a kiss and a hug because no matter how many times she woke me up the night before, I want her to know that I am happy to see her. I hold her. A lot. Which I am sure could be hotly debated but I don't mind. I like holding my baby, I like having her close to me. Soon enough she will be at daycare all day and I won't get to hold her as much. The Babe is also a big smiler so I try to smile back all the time. I love her positivity and I want to mirror that behaviour.

Yes, teething and solids and sleeping are difficult times that we are trying to make it through without losing our minds. It's not all sunshine and roses and baby coos. But sometimes, maybe even more often than not, it is a little person who looks up at you and smiles and you just melt.

~ H

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Being on time

Pre-baby I prided myself on being someone who was consistently on time. To appointments, family functions and coffee dates with friends. I believe being on time shows a level of respect for the person you are meeting and that you understand everyone's time is valuable. I'll admit, I often judged people who were late, thinking "I got here on time, why didn't you?" And then I became a mother, and those thoughts went right out the window, along with my consistently on-time reputation.

I struggle to get to places on time now. Often. It seems no matter how much time I leave the Babe and I, something throws a wrench in our plans. Making good time getting dressed? A misplaced tiny jacket will foil that. Got her into the carseat with five minutes to spare? That's when a dirty diaper will need to be changed. Getting all my clothes on, her clothes on, teeth brushed and hair tied up in what I thought took 15 minutes? A glance at the clock and I realize my morning routine actually takes 30 minutes. Now I'm running late. A frantic text or phone call goes out, but it's clear I am no longer the timely person I once was.

I get it now. I understand. I am making strides to help lessen the amount of times I am tardy. I make appointments far in advance and put them in my calendar for 15 minutes earlier. I pack the diaper bag the night before (also because of an incident where I found myself with no diapers or wipes in the diaper bag, fantastic). I also do what I feel is the most important thing - I apologize when I am late and hope for understanding. Just because I am still getting the hang of this heading out with baby thing, does not make other people's time any less valuable.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our waterbaby

The first swimming lesson ended with tears. Tonight's lesson, two months later, ended with tears also. But the difference was that tonight's tears began in the last two minutes of the lesson, when the Babe's tiredness could no longer be ignored. She went from being the only baby who screamed the entire lesson to the happy demonstration baby. She's been dunked over five times and she can make it around the lazy river more than once without crying.

The best part? Her Dad's face when they finish their lessons, successfully and happy. I signed him up so that they could have this time together, just them, without me being directly involved. The first weeks were rough and we questioned whether or not to continue. I questioned whether this was helping or hindering their relationship. But with the splashes and smiles I saw tonight, I'm really glad we stayed with it.

Next week is our last class and I'm a little sad that it is over. We will see if there's another session, and if so, we'll probably sign up again. If not, I'm eager to find another father-daughter for my two Babes :)

~ H

Monday, June 4, 2012

Solids - an update

So we tackled solids a few weeks ago and it's been an interesting run so far. I keep forgetting to buy fruits and veggies to steam, so we often go an extra day on the same item before trying a new one. I've found that making the food is easy, unless you boil all the water out of the pot. That's okay, I didn't like that pot anyway (yes, I did, it was my favourite pot). Remembering to bring food with us when we go out is not really happening so I end up just breastfeeding still. The Babe hates squash and is allergic to cinnamon. The allergy was discovered during dinner when I wiped her face and a red mark appeared where the food had been. Another 811 call ensued, this one less frantic, and we agreed to not try cinnamon again for a few months. She likes carrots and is okay with tart apricots. We've learned that feeding her activates my husband's gag reflex, so mealtimes are a solo sport for me. And dance music makes the food go down faster (doesn't it for everyone?).

Most of all I have learned to be patient. As my husband keeps reminding me, she's only had breastmilk for the last 6 months, so I try not to get discouraged when she doesn't love something the first time she tries it. She is a slow eater, which is something I have learned to appreciate and I've stopped trying to rush mealtimes. We chat, sing songs and in between bites I get her to smile. Today she sneezed with a mouthful of carrots and yams. It was hysterical. Tomorrow we try pears with apricots, and yams for dinner. By Thursday - chicken!

~ H