Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old life versus new life

  1. OL - Sleep late on the weekends
    NL - Up at 7:15ish with the baby, brewing a coffee with eyes half open, not still asleep yet not quite awake

  2. OL - There was a difference between weekdays and weekends
    NL - The only difference between weekdays and weekends is that I can't figure out why the grocery store is so much busier, until I realize it's Sunday

  3. OL - I used to say to my friends with kids, "Can't you just get a babysitter?"
    NL - I can't fathom the thought of paying a babysitter for any other reason than... nope, can't fathom it at all.

  4. OL - 6 shopping stops in 2 hours? No problem
    NL - 2 shopping stops in 2 hours? Can't I just go to Walmart or Superstore and get it all done at once?

  5. OL - Dancing in 5 inch heels
    NL - Dancing around my kitchen in slippers and a bathrobe

Ahh how my life has changed. But it's different in a good way, because I feel *cheesy moment coming up be warned* like I actually have a purpose now, that there is this young mind who needs help learning how to fall asleep on its own, and where the lights in the room are, and the furry thing who breathes heavily is not a predator, rather a friend.

Day 3 of sleep training is progressing and I hazard to say it's progressing well. The babe is down for her second nap of the day, and I feel happy. That seems like a simple, perhaps unexciting choice of a word, but it is the best descriptor I can think of. I'm happy we're doing this sleep training, I'm happy that the babe seems to be taking to it, and I'm happy because she's happy - it clearly shows when she is awake that she is engaged and playful and in a positive mood. I'm relieved that I am better able to identify her cues and respond quicker and correctly. I feel hope, and a bit more positive that I can do this.

~ H

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