Monday, February 13, 2012

Mommy groups

I have found that most moms are either fans or haters of Mommy groups such as Baby & Me, Mom & Baby Yoga, etc. The main issues seem to be the small talk and the possibility of perceived competition between the babies.

I myself am a fan of the groups. I like the social aspect, I need to chat about my labour and laugh about the things that did and didn't happen to other moms. I enjoy listening to other moms stories about their babies and yes, I even enjoy a good craft here and there.

I am also the first in my immediate social group to have a baby, so perhaps that also plays into my need for socialization that can include multiple feeds and a possible diaper explosion. Having others there who are not only willing to hold your baby, but who will continue holding them when they are crying, is a godsend.

Take them or leave them, but Mom & Baby yoga is something I relish in my week, and not just for the stretching.

~ H

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