Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Come support the Children's Hospital!

Today's post is to let you all know about a fantastic event happening this weekend in Port Coquitlam. Some friends are putting on a humongous garage sale with all proceeds going to the Children's Hospital. I have seen the stuff coming in and there is something for everyone! There will be also refreshments for sale, because it's going to be warm one.

The garage sale runs 9:00a.m. until 2:00p.m. and early birds will be charged double! The address is 3345 Flint Street, Port Coquitlam. For those of you familiar with PoCo, it is across the street from Kwayquitlam Middle School.

"My mom bought this at a swap meet and look at how happy it makes me! Come spend your dineros - it's for the kids people!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Social norms

Today and tonight I had discussions with my daughter about what is socially acceptable. For example: it is not socially acceptable to scream in someone else's car. It is socially acceptable to stare at people in Costco as long as they don't catch you staring. It is not socially acceptable to pull the LAN cord out of the modem for your own enjoyment, especially at other people's houses. It is okay to scream during boot camp, if your mom needs a break. It is not okay to make raspberries with a mouthful of applesauce. It is socially acceptable to choke on your food, but not to throw up in your mom's hand.

And most importantly, it is not socially acceptable to poop in the bathtub. The first time it is funny, yes, and the second time even warrants a little giggle. But the fourth time is just wrong. Wrong!

~ H

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Having trouble staying motivated

With life. With fitness. With sleep training. With budgeting. Apparently with blogging too, judging by the date on my last post. I love starting things. Developing a new project gets my blood pumping. But I always need an extra push to stay motivated. At work I don't seem to have problem, but perhaps that's because no one can fire you from your own life. Add a baby into the mix and now I almost always have an excuse not to finish things. Didn't do the dishes? The Babe was fussy. Forgot to work out for the last week (okay month)? The Babe was teething so no one was getting any sleep, hence the lack of energy to exercise. Haven't blogged in a week? That's because I can't sort out what to blog about. And the Babe was fussy ;) Maybe it's because I'm a Taurus, or a Dog, or a little scatterbrained. Or all of the above. But when the adrenalin wears off, I'm usually the first to hop off the productive bus.

So I have asked for help, because motivation doesn't always solely come from within. I've signed up for stroller boot camp, ugh. Every week for the next month I'll be twisting my mouth into a grimace at a local park. Please help me group fitness instructor, to return to a summer body I can love. I've made a budget and asked the husband to help me work the system I've created. Please help me BabySteals by not posting anything cute or exceptionally well-priced for the next month. I'm blogging tonight while the Babe sleeps, so there's two things done. Please help me readers, by commenting on my posts ;p

~ H

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making baby food

I love making baby food. It is calming and it brings me peace. I can't eff up the recipe because there's usually only one or two ingredients. I can't overcook it because it has to turn to mush anyways. I like knowing what I am feeding my baby, where it came from and how it was processed. I like that we are trying new combinations, introducing meats, and even cheese! I love that the food is starting to smell like food and less like barf.

The only thing I don't like is the fear. The fear the Babe will hate it. Even worse, the fear she will be allergic to it. We've had one reaction, and now I'm always on the lookout for the slightest pink tinge on her skin or upset stomach. But so far, so good, and she only hates one food - butternut squash. Which isn't my favourite either ;)

~ H