Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time to find a hobby

Sorry for the delay in posting. My time has been stretched even thinner due to me deciding to, wait for it, play a team sport! I know! Those of you who know me know that I do not have a history of playing on teams. I tend to be a solo exerciser, either running or swimming or occasionally (alright, rarely) heading to the gym to workout. However recently a friend invited me to her soccer team's open practice just for the workout and I ended up really enjoying myself.

My husband and I have talked at length about the importance of putting the Babe in team sports when she is old enough. He grew up playing baseball and hockey and I like the idea of the sense of community and responsibility you learn when playing on a team. But it seemed a bit hypocritical of me to want her to excel in team sports when I myself play none. Well, not anymore!

I had my first game over the weekend and while I didn't magically turn into Christine Sinclair when I hit the pitch, I did manage to not score on my own team or knock one of my teammates down. It was scary heading out onto the field with all these women who have been playing for years and seem so comfortable in the game. It was also scary to try something new and not know if I was going to fail miserably. (Those who know me well have heard about my dalliance into softball and the injuries that followed.) But I did it, and I played almost the whole game until a prior injury sidelined me for the last 10 minutes. So I considered it a personal win and I'm looking forward to my next game. In the meantime, I am watching Youtube videos and borrowed DVDs to learn more skills and positioning so that hopefully next time I don't get hit in the ass with the ball. Again.

~ H

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