Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sleep makes you do crazy things

Like bake twice in one day on a summery day. Because you have that much energy so you just say "why not?". A few weeks back we won an online contest for a full sleep consultation from the locally located Winks and Whispers. I was overjoyed! As you can read in previous posts, sleep is, sorry, was, a moving target at our house. Some nights the Babe woke up once for 10 minutes, sometimes four times for 8 minutes each, sometimes twice for an hour each time. I thought I was dying from exhaustion.

After an electronic questionnaire, an hour-long phone consultation, and receiving our personalized sleep plan in the mail, we were ready to go. The goal? To eliminate ALL nighttime feeds AND remove the Babe's soother altogether. I was unsure if it would work, but by this point four cups of coffee was making me jittery and I felt at times like I was losing my mind. But. It. Worked.

It worked so easily I could hardly believe it. The Babe has slept through the last three nights, only waking last night for a 2-minute cry and then back to sleep. I feel like I felt before I was pregnant! I even like my husband again (just joking) ((kind of)). I am so proud of her and of us because it really has been a joint effort between my husband and I.

Now, time to get started on all those Pinterest goals I set during the middle of the night ;)

~ H

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