Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cutting teeth

It's been a sleepless week or so over here, as the Babe is cutting both her front teeth at the same time. I feel as though I'm walking around in a haze; the most consecutive sleep I've had in about two weeks is three hours. Friends have commented that I seem a little off, and I feel a lot off.

It sucks going to bed every night filled with dread, instead of relief. Wondering how long you've got until those piercing wails wake you up. Hoping tonight is the night your baby decides to join the club of sleeping through the night, only to be disappointed. We had a good thing going for awhile there, only one or two quick feeds in the night and then back to sleep. But now with the teeth, it seems we have entered a new phase of 1am party time. I'm not having it. It's not party time. It's sleep time. Get the memo Babe and go back to sleep.

This lack of sleep is also doing wonders for my marriage. It is hard not to be snippy to one another, just because we're so damned tired. I'm hopeful that once these two top teeth fully break through that some sleep is in our cards. Fingers crossed.

~ H

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