Monday, June 25, 2012


I tend to be pretty straightforward on this blog. I try to be as transparent as possible, because I believe that with honesty comes understanding. But sometimes that can come across as pessimistic. It is always easier to talk about the bad over the good. So today's post is about the good.

The Babe is clapping now. She can even do it on command, if she's not too overstimulated. She can make sounds like "bababa" and she's turning her rolling into her mode of transportation by incorporating a tummy swivel to face the direction she wants to get to. I look at her doing all these things and my heart swells with love. I am proud of her because she is working so hard.

I try to shower the Babe with love. Everyday I tell her I love her and I give her lots of kisses. Sometimes she turns her head at the last minute and they become slobbery ones from her end, which makes me laugh. We start each day with a kiss and a hug because no matter how many times she woke me up the night before, I want her to know that I am happy to see her. I hold her. A lot. Which I am sure could be hotly debated but I don't mind. I like holding my baby, I like having her close to me. Soon enough she will be at daycare all day and I won't get to hold her as much. The Babe is also a big smiler so I try to smile back all the time. I love her positivity and I want to mirror that behaviour.

Yes, teething and solids and sleeping are difficult times that we are trying to make it through without losing our minds. It's not all sunshine and roses and baby coos. But sometimes, maybe even more often than not, it is a little person who looks up at you and smiles and you just melt.

~ H

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