Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Being on time

Pre-baby I prided myself on being someone who was consistently on time. To appointments, family functions and coffee dates with friends. I believe being on time shows a level of respect for the person you are meeting and that you understand everyone's time is valuable. I'll admit, I often judged people who were late, thinking "I got here on time, why didn't you?" And then I became a mother, and those thoughts went right out the window, along with my consistently on-time reputation.

I struggle to get to places on time now. Often. It seems no matter how much time I leave the Babe and I, something throws a wrench in our plans. Making good time getting dressed? A misplaced tiny jacket will foil that. Got her into the carseat with five minutes to spare? That's when a dirty diaper will need to be changed. Getting all my clothes on, her clothes on, teeth brushed and hair tied up in what I thought took 15 minutes? A glance at the clock and I realize my morning routine actually takes 30 minutes. Now I'm running late. A frantic text or phone call goes out, but it's clear I am no longer the timely person I once was.

I get it now. I understand. I am making strides to help lessen the amount of times I am tardy. I make appointments far in advance and put them in my calendar for 15 minutes earlier. I pack the diaper bag the night before (also because of an incident where I found myself with no diapers or wipes in the diaper bag, fantastic). I also do what I feel is the most important thing - I apologize when I am late and hope for understanding. Just because I am still getting the hang of this heading out with baby thing, does not make other people's time any less valuable.

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