Saturday, March 31, 2012

Switching to cloth

Are we nuts? We have gone this long using disposables and NOW we choose to go to cloth? The reason is because we had always wanted to use cloth, but thought we would wait until the Babe was making a significantly less amount of number 2's. Then we realized, she may not do that for awhile and we decided to wait until she was sleeping through the night. But she's still not doing that either. So we ordered the disposable liners and at 2pm today there was liftoff! So long land-filling disposable diapers! Except for at nighttime and when we're going out, because realistically, me remembering a wet bag of diapers in my diaper bag is not going to happen and will result in too many cloth diapers headed for the trash. I'm eco-friendly, but I'm also forgetful.

I'm not so high and mighty to say that this is the end all, be all for us. I know there is a chance we may throw in the towel and say it's not for us. But I want to try, to at least give it a chance, because I do value the planet and my impact on it.

So we've done the research and chosen to go the wet diaper pail route. It seems kind of gross, having all that standing water full of poopy diapers, but it also seems like the best way to avoid stains. A friend bought us special soap for washing the diapers and I've chosen to put them in the dryer, because again, I'm realistic about the space I have to hang-dry diapers.

I will keep you posted on our successes, challenges and impressions along the way.

~ H

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