Friday, January 27, 2012

Everyone has an opinion

Current question of day: sleep training - is your baby sleep trained? I'm not asking the question. I'm being asked the question. Constantly. But not directly, no, more in a roundabout, subtle, sometimes judgy sort of way. Other mothers start by asking "how are you sleeping?" When I answer honestly "Not great, some nights are better than others." I always get one of two responses - one: a long spiel about how you can start sleep-training from birth (which maybe you can) and an explanation on how they did it and how it's so great now; two: a knowing look and the long spiel about how only you know your child and you can't sleep train until 4 months or XX lbs (clearly I don't know what that weight is) and the comment that only you know your child and you will know when to start sleep training.

Yes, only I know my child but I have never had a child before therefore I know when my child is upset but I'm never really sure why. It could be because she's tired. Heck, I'm tired! But come 10pm she definitely is not tired and she sure as hell would rather scream then be rocked on her side while swaddled with me whooshing in her ear.

No we haven't started sleep training because I couldn't decide which camp was right but now I'm forced into the latter because she's 2 months old now and not sleeping through the night. Judge away...

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